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Giant Affiliates is the lottery affiliate program for and where players can buy lottery tickets online and play Euro Millions, Mega Millions, SuperEnaLotto, Powerball, National Lottery, El Gordo, Euro Jackpot, Irish Lottery and the Brazil MegaSena Lottery, as well as play Spot The Ball to win supercars and superbikes. Players can also join in on their lottery syndicate offer. Their sites are currently available in English, Russian, Polish, and Romanian and accept players from all countries except for players from the United States at the moment. Players from certain US states are however able to play as it is a game of skill.


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Earn some money be becoming an Affiliate!

Earn yourself a litte extra cash each month by signing up to their affiliate program. Just post your referal link on facebook and other sites and you could be earning yourself a decent little extra pay each month.



Giant only offer Revenue Share to their affiliatesbut this can be up to 50%, making Giant Affiliates one of the highest paying affiliate programs!


Commission Rates

Due to Giant Affiliates being primarily a lottery affiliate program, instead of your share being based on the number of new players, it is done by the total value of ticket sales. Giant break it down into 6 levels, from 25% for up to £6999 all the way to 50% revenue share for sales totalling £30k or more! Which means when you reach sales exceeding £30k, you could be earning £15k or more from that!


Total Value of SalesRevenue Share
£7000 – £1499930%
£15k – £1999935%
£20k – £2499940%
£24999 – £2999945%


Giant Affiliates

What’s the difference between CPA and Revenue Share?

CPA stands for Cost per Action, this means that when somebody signs up via your link, you recieve a specified amount. Sometimes it requires more than just a sign up, some companies will wish for their customer to make a deposit first.

Revenue Share is pretty self-explanitory, for every sign-up and deposit made via your link earns you a percentage back, almost guaranteeing lifetime earnings! For example, if you had 10 people sign up via your link and each one deposited £10 a month (where you get 10% revenue share) you would, in theory, recieve £10 for the deposits made. Obviously, the more signups and deposits you have the better!

Account Types

Revenue Share

Potential Revenue (Up to)

50% (Rev. Share)

Mulitple Games/Links?


Account TypesPotential Revenue
(Up to)
Multiple Games/Links?
Revenue Share50% (Rev. Share)Yes
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